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Last Update 26. 02. 2023

Bullmastiff FCI Standard no. 157 / 02.03.1988

Origin: Great Britain

Behaviour / Temperament: Powerful; enduring, active and reliable.  High spirited, alert and faithful.

General Appearance: Powerful build, symmetrical, showing great strength, but not cumbersome, sound and active.

Hair: Short and hard, weather resistant, lying flat to body.  Long, silky or woolly coats highly undesirable.

Colour: Any shade of brindle, fawn or red; colour to be pure and clear.  A slight white marking on chest permissible.  Other white markings undesirable.  Black muzzle essential, toning off towards eyes, with dark markings around eyes contributing to expression.

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Height (cm): 63,5 - 68,5 61 - 66
Weight (kg): 50 - 59 41 - 50
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