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About us

Bulmastif a rodina

We first met bullmastiff in 1999 when we were looking for a right dog for our family. Since then we searched for all available information on the breed, got in touch with several breeders and as soon as we had appropriate conditions and space, we got our first dog „Balu" (Aron Zálabské SlunceBulmastif Aron Zálabské Slunce). And we knew already he´s the first but not the last…

Bulmastif v rybníce

All our bullmastiffs are the true members of our family, growing up together with our small children and sharing all pleasures and troubles of our everyday life. We enjoy everyday walks together, including bathing in a near-by pond in summer. We are in touch with a local cynologic center where our dogs passed out a puppy socialisation course as well as a basic and advanced obedience training. We regularly attend national and international dog shows with more and more success.

Štěně bulmastif

We do not aim to become a big kennel with a large breeding stock and regular litters – our dogs are our cherished family pets and companions above all. As bullmastiffs are very dependant on their people, we want to provide each dog with a daily personal contact and individual attention – that´s why we do not want to have too many dogs at once… Our main breeding focus is a healthy bullmastiff of good temperament and type.

We are members of the MolossClub CZ, a member of an international FCI recognised Atimana Club.

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