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Last Update 26. 02. 2023

If you decide to pick a puppy from us...

Bulmastif štěně

The puppies are ready to leave for their new homes from their age of 8 weeks, they are properly socialized and brought-up at home with a close contact to the family, children and other pets.

The puppies will be microchiped, vet-checked, vaccinated and wormed several times. They´ll also have a small layette to start with.

All pups go with their pedigree registration, an international pet-passport and a written sales contract.

Bulmastif štěně

Before you pick your puppy, we are ready to answer all your questions concerning the breed, its specifics, demands and needs. We are able to advise you on your puppy choice so that he/she fits in your family and your life together is as comfortable as possible. We are able to advise or help with the upbringing and training, even with prospective showing of our offsprings.

What we expect our new owners to...

Not to cease a contact with us on the day of the puppy´s departure from our place. We would be pleased to hear your news as well as to see the puppy growing (at least on some pictures). On the other hand we offer a lifetime support of advise and help concerning the puppy.

Bulmastif štěně

to know (or to be willing to find out more about) what owning a bullmastiff is about - a lifetime responsibility for the puppy and his well-being. His basic needs are a close relationship with his family, daily walks and self-realization, a quality petfood and a good citizen training due to his size. Feel free to contact us anytime to ask your questions before you decide to pick a bullmastiff puppy.

to provide your bullmastiff puppy with a quality veterinary service to ensure his long and healthy life. We´d appreciate if the puppy was screened for HD (perhaps even for ED) later in his adulthood. This would help you to adjust your care for the dog if needed and also give us a feedback for our breeding intentions.

Bulmastif štěně

Furthermore, we would be glad to see our puppy to be presented at a dog show, although this is not imperative or crucial for us. We believe a bullmastiff can spend a full-value and happy life being "just" a cherished and spoiled family pet.

The long and the short of it, since you are looking for a family companion and member for a long time and we are looking for new loving and caring families for our puppies, we don´t want to underrate anything so that all of us are happy and satisfied.

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