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Last Update 23. 12. 2011

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23. 12. 2011
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

27. 08. 2011
On July 17, puppies were born from the mating of Ch., JCh. AUDREY Bulla Bohemica and BARN STONE The Bully Bunch in co-operation of Full House & Sempre Occultus kennels. We are very proud of you, Audrey, and congratulations to breeders Magda and Agata.


24. 06. 2011
Our website went through a slight face-lift in order to inform you better on our news. Let┤s hope you┤ll enjoy your stay here.

26. 08. 2009
After our summer holidays - a fresh update in the Shows section of our youngster Baz.

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